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Floating-Head Heat Exchanger
Floating-Head Heat Exchanger is widely used in such occasions as serious scaling and tube pass being...
Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,Ltd(耐可)
JHC-3B Environment Monitoring Meter
JHC-3B Environment Monitoring Meter is a handheld meter which shows the temperature,humidity and dif...
Honri Airclean Technology(Suzhou) Co.Ltd.
EPP5000 pipeta autoclavable
EPP5000 pipeta autoclavable #Totalmente autoclavable, resistencia UV mejorada de volumen digital#Fá...
Tomos Life Science Group Pte Ltd
Portable Type Stainless Pressure Autoclave
Portable Type Stainless Pressure Autoclave The Autoclave is the equipment which utilizes the pressu...
Zhejiang Sujing Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd
ModelNumber:ER70S-6 PlaceofOrigin:ShandongChina Price:FOBQingdaoUSD1100~1350 DeliveryTime:30daysaf...
Shandong Eejon International Trading Co., Ltd.
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