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Magnetic induction could soon spell the end of tangled cables and a frustrating hunt for the gadget's charger. Two firms at CES showed off ways to use the phenomenon to re-charge batteries inside gadgets when they are laid on a special mat. Sensing systems allow devices with ve
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Recreate the cinema movie experience right in your home with easy-to-use and affordable Memorex home theatre products. Memorex, a portfolio brand of Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), today introduced the po...
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By Marin Perez It was only two years ago at Macworld when Apple's CEO Steve Jobs pulled an iPhone from his pocket and said the company was entering the cell phone market. While the smartphone and its 3G successor aren't without their flaws, Apple has
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By Rochelle Garner Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc., known for the minimalist designs of its computers, iPods and retail stores, aims to drop that aesthetic in the middle of Washington's Georgetown....
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